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Right Place, Right Time

“A Sharper Mind in
A Stronger, Leaner,
More Energetic Body”

“A Sharper Mind in a Stronger,
Leaner, More Energetic Body”

You’re at the right place at the right time if you’re thinking about a    fast-start to a brighter future.

That’s because BodyFitFast™ is about transformation. Giving you more choices for happiness. So you enjoy your life to the fullest!

“A sharper mind in a stronger, leaner, more energetic body.”
That’s our mission and purpose. Our goal is your success.

We provide you proven, process for progress. Simple, effective and affordable step-by-step coaching. Products you may choose to buy.

  • How to slim-down (with pleasure and ease) WITHOUT having to make drastic and unsustainable lifestyle changes.

  • Maximize your looks. Get a leaner body and more youthful face. 

  • Boost your health, strength, stamina, energy, focus and libido.

  • Become a person admired and better respected (even envied) by your friends, associates and family.

We strive to identify and expose misinformation and bad information. To cut-thru-the-clutter of the mainstream, corporate news media.

And to provide you alternative views. Some that may run counter to popular (bought-and-paid-for) online, health and fitness gurus.

Please inform yourself. Seek out and consider varied sources.

Weight them with care. And then make your own decisions. For your own benefit, of course. And because the best informed people make the best customers.

We don’t give specific, individual medical advice. Consult a qualified medical practitioner or doctor for medical advice.

Now. I’ve had great success keeping fit, healthy and energetic with intermittent fasting. For me, it made getting and staying lean almost effortless.

It worked so well that I created an “automatic,” video coaching program to help my friends and family.

Today,  I’m launching a new, revised version of that original program.
And it’s available to you at a special, pre-launch price.

If you’re interested in slimming-down and strengthening all aspects of your life (and saving a few bucks)…

You’re invited to check it out here:

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Bob Rosenthal

April 26, 2024
[email protected]

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