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Bold, Confident, Happy

“How to become stronger, leaner, more energetic with renewed libido. You'll enjoy a sharper, mindset to feel bolder, confident, driven and more focused…”

You’re at the right place to fast-start your brighter future.
One step at a time.
Boost your performance, happiness and success.
Excellence. Success. Happiness.
We’ll empower you with more options.
Give you more choices…
To look and feel years younger.
Make every moment count and enjoy your life to it’s fullest.
So you’ll to look and feel more years younger more powerful and vibrant.

You seek success, excellence happiness and fun…
… without wasting your time or your money.
You want to FEEL- LOOK more youthful and vibrant.
You want to make every moment count. Enjoy your life to the fullest.
You’re NOT a fitness model or a champion bodybuilder.
You have a GREAT sense of humor. And…
… you’re open minded about new and unconventional solutions.
If so… you’re at the right place.

How We Help You

Now because you’re a lot like us, we can help you:

Get (and stay) lean, fit, active and energized.

Shift you into high-performance (real life) functional fitness…
…with the lowest effort on your part.

Show you simple lifestyle modifications to promote (nearly painless)
fat loss + muscle gain…

…And you won’t have to give up eating like a real person!

You’ll discover tested, proven-effective nutritional supplements that:

  • Boost your immune system naturally.
  • Support your healthy blood sugar, heart health + functional fitness.
  • Keep you looking, feeling SHARP, youthful and happy.

Everything we recommend to you, we use ourselves. And…
… anything you might buy from us is 100% guaranteed.

Get “The Edge”

I’ll write and send you two “dispatches” every week…
… THE “BodyFitFast™ Edge.”

You’ll get my “take” on the latest cool, valuable health,
and fitness info that I find fascinating and valuable.

“The Edge” is NOT a newsletter. Because…
… no one needs or wants another email “Newsletter.

I Promise to never waste your time…
… and I promise to never be boring!

And, just so you know upfront, you’ll also get…
… my (often controversial) opinions and advice.

It’s Guaranteed.

You’ll look forward to my arrival in your inbox (twice each week)…
… or you can safely and easily unsubscribe at any time.

One More Thing…

I’m selling something. Imagine that!

A 31-day intermittent fasting (fat-loss) coaching program for men…
… the exact same method I use to keep trim and sharp.

Because it’s a BRAND NEW, DIFFERENT kind of coaching…
… right now- you can get a KILLER DEAL on it.

I’m seeking your success stories (case studies) as proof my
“Get-Lean Fast” coaching works.

I’m hoping you’ll be so thrilled, you’ll allow me to share your results.

You can’t beat this price, and…
… I guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Or get your money back.


“Get-Lean Fast” coaching case study deal is good thru June 30th…
… or the first 35 coaching clients. Whichever comes first.

If you’re interested- while it’s fresh on your mind- take a look.

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Bob Rosenthal

February 17, 2024
[email protected]

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