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Welcome [wlm_firstname]!

First off…You’re a ROCK STAR.

Thanks for getting in on BodyFitFast™ coaching.
You’re in the best possible men’s fat-burning system.

Expect daily coaching emails at 5:45 am CST.

#1. Let's deal with the most important thing first.

Gotta make sure your emails get into your inbox.
Because you paid good money to be here- you deserve to GET the coaching your paid for.

Let’s make sure that happens. Do this now.

MAIL: If you use gmail, make a filter for your coaching emails.
Your coaching emails will have [BFF] in the subject line.
And come from my email, [email protected].

Create a filter in gmail for my email ([email protected]) and the [GLC] subject lines.

Click on the link below:
➤ How to create a gmail filter

Here’s whitelisting instructions for other providers:

Click on the link below:
➤ How to whitelist  your coaching emails.

#2. Now. Second most important thing. Your start points.

You need to know- see- where you are right now. Your start points.
We’re not gonna dwell on it. Yet it’s important for measuring your progress.

Weigh Yourself
No brainer. Just jump on a scale. Write down, save your start weight.

Snap Before Pics
You might be thinking, “Bob. I have to look at myself every day.
I already know what I look like. Uh. That’s why I signed up.”

You need start pics because you see yourself everyday.
You won’t notice when your body changes unless you have something to compare it to.

Now Listen. Just do this simple thing.
Put on a bathing suit or workout shorts.
No shirt. Take 4 pics of yourself.

Don’t overthink or stress.
Pics don’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to show them to anyone.
Just take ’em. Save ’em in a private place.

You’ll be glad you did this when you look back to check your progress.

#3. Download Your Coaching materials. Please do this now.

Click on the link below:
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